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Supporting our local Kitimat businesses looks different right now and can pose a challenge but it’s not impossible. 2020 started off with so much promise and excitement for so many people.  We are now navigating a crazy time in history – one that has almost completely halted the global economy.  It blows my mind just to think about it. 

I think many of us are thinking, ‘am I doing enough?’ while on the other side of the coin thinking, ‘am I being paranoid about the whole thing?’   The only things that are consistent in this whole scenario are:

  1. Things change daily.
  2. This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before so no one is sure what to do.

Perhaps the only thing that is consistent is everyone is doing what they feel is best for their family and their businesses and have been since the beginning.  Being a self-employed, entrepreneur myself, the struggle feels real.  The decisions are hard on what costs to cut in our businesses and how do we even stay relevant in order to thrive when things settle down or is that even the right thing to do?  We can’t really say it’s “business as usual” when shops are closing down even if it’s only temporary.

I asked a few local Kitimat businesses to answer a few questions on how COVID19 has affected their businesses.  Here in Kitimat and many other communities, have shut down non-essential businesses (grocery, pharmacy, gas stations our PACE office, by appointment only are considered essential to name a few).  I want to thank What’s In Store, For The Diva In You, Seven Tables and DJ Service, Getting Jiggy With Liggy for participating in starting this conversation.

Covid19 isn’t being discretionary when it come’s to whose business it’s impacting.  EVERYONE is being impacted.  Businesses who have been in business for over a decade who have a terrific following in town are now closed. 

What’s in Store has been open for 12 years this July and they have closed their doors for the time being.  Sarah is a terrific business-woman and has just recently started to take donations again (in a safe, socially responsible manner). 

For the Diva In You has been in operation for 8 years in Kitimat and has closed their doors for the time being.  I can’t wait to see their fashion show to kick off their re-opening (we should all be there for that). 

Michelle Harker at Seven Tables chose to close before restrictions by the government were put in place.  She operates a staff of 9 and has since had to lay them all off.  Right now, she and her staff miss the daily interactions with their customers and let’s face it, we miss her coffees, sandwiches and soups in their cozy Kitimat location.

DJ Liggy’s story breaks my heart because her biggest joy with her business is seeing the happiness people have when they celebrate whatever event she is DJ’ing for.  Right now, she can’t make that happen.  Right now, most if not all of her 2020 events have been cancelled.  I think we can all say, that a huge party will be due when this is over, and she will be curating our Post-Quarantune-Playlist.  Put your hands in the air if you plan to be there.

I think at the end of the day we all agree that all of our Kitimat businesses that have closed down for the time being, they did so to keep our community safe; to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.  Since moving to Kitimat I have observed a tremendous sense of community and love of supporting our local businesses – it’s incredible.  I think at the end of the day we can all agree that the local businesses in our community genuinely love to serve their community.  I think we can all give back to them ten-fold when we are allowed to shop in their shops, dance at their parties and eat at their restaurants again. 



To Support Our Local Kitimat Businesses visit their web and social media sites, inked below:

What’s In Store: https://whatsinstorekitimat.com/

For the Diva In You: https://www.facebook.com/ForTheDivaInYou/?ref=br_rs

Seven Tables: https://www.facebook.com/Seven-Tables-at-Vitality-480187672162873/

Getting Jiggy With Liggy: https://www.facebook.com/Get-Jiggy-With-Liggys-DJ-Service-150362044984721/

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3 thoughts on “Supporting Our Local Kitimat Businesses

  1. We at Pizzarama are trying our best on stay open and want to continue serving our customers but are down to 5 employees at the moment due to having to lay off employees off. We want to thank our customers for their patience as we are only allowed 3to4 ppl in business at a time as we need to keep our distance from each other.

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