Selling With Empathy

Selling real estate can be stressful on clients and it’s important to ride the waves with them. Last year was a pivotal reminder of how important selling with empathy was. I mention this in my “buying and selling” tab on this website how giving our empathy is part of the services we offer.  It becomes so easy not to fully understand what your seller’s emotions are doing as they wait for the “results” of the home inspection or wait for a the seller’s counter back on a negotiation.  It’s a nail biting experience for some and more often than not, it’s easy for us to brush those emotions aside and tell our clients “try not to stress, we will hear back soon”.  

It was when we sold our own home earlier this year that I remembered how this whole process can feel.  I even threw in all of my window treatments (I LOVE good window treatments, btw) if it meant we got an early condition waiver.  True story.  But I also remember the process of viewings and the frantic mom voice of me yelling at my children to, “NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING BECAUSE THERE’S A SHOWING TODAY!!!” followed by my children cautiously putting their toys back because mom was a crazy lady.

I remember asking the agents for feedback on my own home and how it made me felt – because how could your buyers NOT LOVE my home? I scrubbed this home down to an inch of it’s life! HOW could they not notice that?!?  I LOVED the floorplan of the home, HOW could you not too? It was an eye opener for me because the LAST time we sold our home, it was exclusively; not posted publicly on MLS®, so I felt at least we had a bit more of the upper hand. (Exclusive listings are also a service I offer and more on the differences of those selling strategies in another post).

I also remember the relief of not having to make sure my home felt like a show home EVERY DAY and the conflicting feelings of how good it felt not to have all sorts of crap laying around on the counters.  This photo was literally taken the day after we received or notice of waiver and I could breathe again. No judging.

This process reminded me of how my sellers and buyers feel through the process.  It’s not always fun and it’s not always easy.  But when we can put ourselves in their shoes because we’ve been in the trenches ourselves, it ACTUALLY allows us to do our jobs better.  Selling real estate with empathy is one that takes practice and grace, but once you’ve got it, flaunt it and make sure your clients know exactly how they’re feeling and how to help them.  xx 

Any questions, I’m here to help as your Trusted Advisor in Real Estate.

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