Kitimat Local Business Spotlight Featuring: What’s In Store?

Honestly, I’m so excited to present this series to you all.  I have been living in Kitimat for 4 months now and I’ve experienced some wonderful people and outstanding businesses who provide incredible services and run their business with respect and love in the community.  Let me introduce to you the Local Kitimat Business Spotlight Series!

For those of you who know me, you know I love a good thrift and I love supporting local business. So when my husband told me there was a good thrift shop in town, you KNOW I had to check it out.  So far, I’ve made an number of amazing purchases there for my kids and myself (namely a STUNNING raspberry pink wool coat for pennies to the dollar of what you’d pay full retail for).  But that’s not the real winning story here.  

Let me introduce you to Sarah Moretti, owner of “What’s In Store”.  Sarah has been a Kitimat local for 22 years and counting and has been operating this boutique-style, second-hand-shop for over a decade now.  She started in 2008 when her children were 4, 8 and 11.  She gave it one year.  Which turned into 11.

  Sarah’s shop has been in it’s current location at 311 in the City Centre Mall for only two years now and the impact has been tremendous.  For Sarah, it’s not just about the bottom line of running a business.  The move for her was about the accessibility for members of the community to access her shop.  And let me tell you, it’s buzzing in there on any given day of the week.

This isn’t just another second hand shop though.  Her super powers of organization allows her to stay on top of organizing donations and merchandising the shopping areas so you know exactly where to find what.  Sarah’s team carefully cultivates outfit combinations from the thrifted items donated so you can really see that good style is good style, no matter where it comes from.  You absolutely have to check in to her Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/whatsinkitimat/ and website www.whatsinstorekitimat.com

when she addresses “What Not To Donate”, as well as on her Instagram page (@whatsinstorekitimatbc).

What I immediately see when I go into the shop is Sarah’s welcoming energy.  She welcomes every person who walks into the shop and if she doesn’t already know you, she will learn your name.  She interacts with all of her customers; young, old, boy, girl – it doesn’t matter.  She is here to help you have the best experience and find what you’re looking for. She loves the people of Kitimat which is why doing what she does comes off as effortless.

Sarah has cultivated a true sense of community with her shop and after only a few short conversations with her, I have learned the following about just how much she gives back to the community of Kitimat:

1) Thursday’s are Senior’s Days.  If you’re over 55 you get 50% on each Thursday of every month.

2) Every 3rd Friday are 50% off days for the general public.

3) If there is a family in need due to unforeseen circumstances (ie: house fire) she provides them with what they need out of the shop’s donations for FREE.

4) If you know someone in need, give Sarah a call so when they come in they can pick out what they need for FREE.

5) She truly believes in the art of giving back and the law of reciprocity in everything that she does.  She works the weekends to give her staff weekends off.  She takes care of her staff so they take care of her shop when she’s not there. 

6) She was nominated for Kitimat’s 2018 Business Owner of the Year Award (and that is no small feat with so many large companies in town). 

7) December 16-20 All of her Christmas merch will be FREE.  Just in time for the holidays. So go stock up on your holiday decor!

What Sarah has created is a warm, welcoming and affordable shop where you can find lovely items for your home and wardrobe.  What’s In Store is a feel good kind of place where no one is turned away for service. If you’re looking to donate your gently used and still usable items don’t hesitate to head in.  I know I’ll be back!

If you know a Kitimat local business that you would like to see featured on the Blog, please reach out! We are happy to meet with them and let everyone know why their business gives back to Kitimat. 


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